These tools are used in EVOL ceremonies and practices. They are handmade with LOVE to help you EVOLve toward your highest vibration.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the items, and/or if you are interested in having one of the items customized to suit your needs, please reach out.


A note on orgone and orgonite

Orgone energy (a term attributed to Austrian Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and biophysics doctor who lived in the early 20th century) exists as a manifestation of prana. It is a force that exerts noticeable effects upon materials; Reich called it “bionic” energy and likened it to the energy that radiates from the sun. Mixing metal with resin will encase the energy and allow it to be used and transported easily. The addition of quartz to the metal and quartz turns the piece into orgonite and further enhances the healing benefits.

USES: Place near electronic appliances and anywhere that the energy feels stiff and stagnant. A strong EMF deflector. A charm for self healing.

Each piece of EVOL orgone/orgonite is hand poured. Rocks and crystals are sustainably harvested (mined by Anastasia and/or the suppliers are known). Personalization items, including the insertion of written messages and other tokens, are smudged (cleansed) before being set in the resin.


All Tangible Tools are charged with reiki during the creation process. FREE RECHARGES FOR LIFE.


Sold as a 4-pack. Pieces are approximately 1″ wide. $20

  • Quartz, metal, resin and PLASTIC (glitter, purchased from  a second hand store).
  • Tiny gem shapes.
  • Classic EVOL orgonite seeks to bring healing to the issue of PLASTIC, a material that is wreaking havoc for Earth. By encasing plastic with resin and reiki (choku rei), these pieces affect the issue on a quantum level.
    • Place in areas of toxic contamination.

Sold as single. $50. Each piece is approximately 2.5″ wide and 2″ tall.

  • Single terminated quartz, metal, resin.
  • Pyramid orgonite seeks to bring your BODY and SPACE healing. Pieces affect the tissue on a quantum level.
    • Keep in your personal space.

PICTURE: Eye of EVOL with beej mantra. “RAM” is the beej mantra for the manipura chakra (3rd chakra/power center). Say “RAM” like rum over and over and stoke your power energetic center. Boost the signal of your self worth.

Pieces vary and are approximately 1.5″ to 2″ wide. Sold as single. $10

  • Upcycled mirror, metal, resin and miscellaneous material. Eye of EVOL mirrors are a focal point. Use this piece of orgone to recite your affirmations WHILE you focus on what you see inside and out. Some mirrors have words to use as mantras or affirmations; some do not. Some contain glitter (plastic) with the intention of healing the issue on Earth, and this can be part of a self practice to cultivate more eco-friendly lifestyle choices.
    • Place in toxic spaces to deflect energy or keep on hand to focus in toxic places.

Statues vary; most 3″ to 4″ tall. Sold as single. $8

  • Upcycled figurines. Hand painted. NOTE: these should be smudged (by you) on a regular basis. STRONG ENERGY CAN COME THROUGH.
    • Place the skelly on an altar as a way to visualize your shadow work.

Single match box. $3

  • Hand painted. Use the matches during ceremony to burn what doesn’t serve you.



Approx 5″ x 7″. Single journal. $7