Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts and inspired for use in the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. You are encouraged to explore your current experience within the context that your mind is working in (the astrological weather) and to engage your unique being (the soul) here in this time and place.

The time period of the days around a new moon times are especially good for connecting to your inner voice and planting thought-heart seeds for things that you would like to manifest.

We meet an Aries new moon on April 15.

The vibe of Aries, the archetype of the person putting stuff in action, invites the spark that gets stuff started. Let yourself into yourself, listen inside to what your inner voice says is beginning and/or different from before.

You’ll know what it is when you hear it.

The past few weeks have been full of expanding in the dark places–shining light in the deep deep. Perhaps you’ve expanded into a deeper role and expression of your being. And to do so, something shifted. So the beginning/difference might mean that you gave up a lot, and you are learning to do without. It’s a new experience. Or maybe you gained a lot. It’s a new experience.

REFLECTION PROMPT: What is the next-level you gonna do now?  What does this version of you need to hear? 

April 13, 2018