Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts and inspired for use in the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. You are encouraged to explore your current experience within the context that your mind is working in (the astrological weather) and to engage your unique self (the soul) here in this time and place.

The time period around a new moon is especially good for connecting to your inner voice and planting thought—heart seeds for things that you would like to manifest. What you’re manifesting should be informed by what you find during the reflection (prompt below).

We meet an Taurus new moon on May 15.

The vibe of Taurus, the archetype of the farmer, makes beautiful connection with Earth. The material world is a sensual playground. You are here to grow what feeds you. Bear witness to what makes your body feel nourished and your being safe.

You may or may not know.

Think of a food that you really like. If you were offered some, what is your initial reaction? Do you have it immediately? If it is a rich or indulgent food, do you feel guilty for eating it? All of these thoughts indicate the soil your thoughts are being planted in. In full Taurean spirit, till out the weeds. And, since Uranus, the planet of revolution, enters Taurus shortly after the new moon occurs, are you ready to level-up your farming acts? Of radical self love? Of self indulgence? Of growing and nourishing yourself in a way that you only dream? Perhaps you will find pieces that fit into your life afterall.

REFLECTION PROMPT: What sensual delights do you give yourself?  Can you embrace a radical requirement to make those delights needs and not wants? 

May 11, 2018