Consider our Sun, the activator of life in our solar system. The celestial bodies are enlaced in orbit around it. Solar winds blow from the Sun’s corona or outer layer, reach the farthest areas of our solar system, and have a continual impact on the motion and formation of bodies in its orbit. It is through the Sun’s light that life is called into existence. It is through the Sun’s light that we are able to perceive, through a series of complex processes, the world around us.

Consider the light your eyes are seing has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, since its creation in the Sun’s core. Consider, too, that light arriving from the sun has traveled years to meet your eyes.

But looking at the Sun directly can also damage the eyes.

I invite you to meditate with the Sun. Connect with it as a physical body in space. Use this image to guide your reflection.

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REFLECTION PROMPT: Does the Sun speak to you?