What is self care? I interpret self care as any opportunity to bring awareness to an individual’s state of being aka consciousness. The combination of energy work and creative exploration–applied together–will press the boundaries of self identities and bodies of knowledge, allowing an individual to gain self knowledge and evolve to different states of consciousness.

I believe that bringing your presence to an action, a thought, or an emotion tells you more about yourself and where you are on your evolutionary journey than any healer can tell you. I grant you autonomy over your experience. I also encourage you to find ways to bring meaning, connection, and intention to every day things.

There are as many ways to practice self care as there are people on the planet.

How does writing support self care? A journey through inner space helps process thoughts and emotions; sometimes the journey is expressed through free-form writing like journaling. Your words are your mirror. When you suspend expectations, judgments, and the inner critic, what you’re left with are words that fuel transformative inner fire. I always have reflection prompts (journaling prompts) available for free on this website under the category DIY Your Mind.

I believe we learn about ourselves by learning through others. I offer my own creative writing on the blog under the category Outside The Lines. I often invoke ideas that are outside the conventional body of knowledge. I want you to decide which ideas feel true and valuable to you, so I offer the posts as a welcoming introduction to expanding your body of knowledge by seeing how I’ve interacted with the ideas.

Keep the curiosity for ideas stronger than the fear of being ridiculed for applying non-conventional ideas.

What is a soul-centered lifestyle? A soul-centered lifestyle means many things, but above all, that personal growth is top priority. The ability to grow through the human experience and achieve meaning, ease, and joy is the result of a complex series of spiritual and psychological processes.  The start of that journey happens through the acknowledgement that we are individuals with souls, beings with reasons for life. Growing into ourselves is why we’re here.

I believe that our lives are set up as lessons, and that through awareness, we can begin to know what the bleep we’re doing here, as in, what those lessons are. They are unique to each of us. And we make choices, both conscious and unconscious to have lifestyles, that allow us to explore those lessons or avoid them completely.

Growing into ourselves is why we’re here, methinks.

What is energy work? Energy work is a subtle and powerful form of healing and restoring that involves the exchange of energy from one sentient being to another.  Healing with energy work happens through the re-balancing aka unblocking of stagnancy and the encouraging of flow. All dis-ease and dis-order is energy in a form of strong imbalance. Energy work moves energy across dimensions of time and space. But really, energy work is something you feel.

I incorporate reiki and homa  into EVOL offerings. Reiki is hands-on or hands-off life energy conduction. Homa is a fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments. It arrives from Vedic (ancient India) culture and is a simplified form of puja, a form of worshiping the divine. A small fire is lit in a copper vessel, and offerings of rice and ghee (clarified butter) are made to vibrations in the universe.

Be open to the energy, and you will receive benefits even if they are not immediately perceived by you.

What is orgonite and how do I use it?

Orgonite are literally homemade crystals that contain a charge of energy that can recalibrate the vibration in a physical space or body. The name comes by way of the charge (ie, that orgonite is charged with orgone energy [a term attributed to Austrian Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and biophysics doctor who lived in the early 20th century]). Orgone energy exists as a manifestation of prana, life energy. Reich called it “bionic” energy and likened it to the energy that radiates from the sun. Mixing metal with resin will encase the energy and allow it to be used and transported easily. The addition of quartz to the metal and quartz turns the piece into orgonite and further enhances the healing benefits.

I use orgonite on people and places. Sometimes, an individual will feel drawn to a piece of orgonite and will feel a tingle or a slight shock when the piece is touched. I encourage exploration–if it feels good, then the energy is actively working on your energy in a beneficial way. Additionally, I suggest that you place near electronic appliances and anywhere that the energy feels stiff and stagnant. Orgonite is a strong EMF deflector as well as a charm for self healing.

Orgonite is a powerful way to restore negative space to positive space.