EVOL fuses energy work and creative exploration for personal evolution

WHO: I, Anastasia, facilitate EVOL, a healing practice that provides opportunities for soul-centered self care.

WHAT: There are two offerings: public ceremonies and individual sessions. Check the Events page to see what is running. Individual sessions are private, 1-on-1 meetings that include reiki, homa, guided meditation, reflection, astrological chart review (Pluto and the nodes), and discussion. You tell me what your intention is, I intuit to determine the session’s program that will serve your intention. Just show up with curiosity to explore your self. I’ll create an agenda that will align with your intention. Occasionally, I request a pre-session questionnaire.

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WHERE: Mostly online, aka virtual (using a Zoom link). Onsite appointments are available BUT are very limited. Travel costs are added to onsite sessions.

EXCHANGE: Suggested donation is $50 for a 45-minute session; $100 for a 1.25-hour session. Monetary payment must be processed in advance to hold the appointment. Alternative exchanges are welcome; please inquire.

HOW: You’ll feel an urge to reach out. EVOL works when you feel well, but I encourage you to reach out when you are not well, too.

  • Let’s get a conversation started here