EVOL fuses energy work and creative exploration for personal evolution

A regular practice of self care that includes these elements will help you move through personal evolution and cultivate mental and physical well-being.

  • Gain perspective
  • Release stress
  • EnJOY more

What is “self care”?

EVOL interprets self care as any opportunity to bring awareness to an individual’s state of being aka consciousness. The addition of energy work and creative exploration will press the boundaries of self identities and bodies of knowledge, allowing an individual to EVOLve to different states of consciousness. The process involves exploring inner landscapes and creating connections with the outer landscape. The goal of self care is to bring an individual to a place of balance and ease.

Each individual has different self care needs.

What will happen in an EVOL session?

Creative exploration is the way to move toward accessing your joy. Creative writing.  Your words are your reflection. Reflection prompts are always available for free on this website under the category DIY Your Mind. Other activities, such as writing about yourself in a different form (like a rock) encourage you to be silly during your self reflection. Guided imagination. Go on a journey through inner space so you can process thoughts and emotions. Part creative visualization, part guided meditation, all valuable for psycho-spiritual growth.

Energy work is a subtle and powerful form of self healing. EVOL sessions incorporate reiki, homa, and mantra. Reiki (hands-on or hands-off life energy conduction) and homa (a Vedic fire ceremony for purification of inner and outer environments; a simple form of puja) to help get energy moving.  Increments of mantra (mind-tool) chanting create seismic shifts in the light body.

How does this work?

An individual, private EVOL session is divided into three phases: arrive, explore, integrate. No two sessions are ever exactly alike. Just show up with curiosity to explore your self. Occasionally, a pre-session questionnaire or interview is scheduled.

EXCHANGE: $50 for a 45-minute session

  • Choose a time for a virtual appoint over Zoom
    • Onsite appointments are available BUT are very limited
      • Travel costs are added to onsite sessions
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Public EVOL sessions, including homa and other self-affirming events, are offered on a rolling basis. Please check the Facebook page and newsletter for current schedules.