Here’s a reflection prompt, culled from evolutionary astrology forecasts. The prompt is meant to engage the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. These reflection prompts stimulate self study (svadhyaya).

We meet a Pisces full moon on August 26.

The vibe of Pisces, the archetype of the sorcerer n’ sorceress’ n’ in-between magic makers is reality shifting. Mind funking. Like Matrix guides going all cosmic and mystical. The Pisces in you can bend time and space. Reality is just a holograph anyway.

This summer brought a Mars retrograde (frustrated much?) and a few eclipses (bye bye, worlds!) and Uranus in Taurus (can your body hold all the breakthroughs?). But this point is where your Piscean nature capable of activating divine agency emerges. It’s time to trip to the cosmic pharmacy. With all the medicine aka lessons that came through life this summer, how is your spiritual health now?

One of the benefits of going through health things (mental, physical, spiritual health) is that the opportunity to bring awareness to the roots of the thing exists. This is where the karma, the causes and effects, set up the holograph. The circumstances. Your awareness can go to the root of patterns. Turn darkness to light. That’s reality shifting.

Even if full recovery doesn’t happen, there is information. Perhaps it was a part of your mind that was agitated. Perhaps was a part of your body. Perhaps it was a part of your energetic field. All of the new information brought into your consciousness by the agitation is telling you something. It’s part of the karma. It’s the cord between intuition and doing something different now that you know better. When you make choices that are counter-karmic, watch how time and space bends. Watch how things happen as if by magic.

Just like in The Matrix, you have a choice: red or blue pill?

REFLECTION PROMPT: Have you taken your divine agency lately?

Aug 24, 2018