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Reflection Prompt

Take time for reflection, and then see how your ability to know yourself enhances conscious decision making. This is self study (svadhyaya) in action.

We meet a Scorpio new moon on November 7.

The vibe of Scorpio, the archetype of the actor, has us writhing in our roles–sons, daughters, wives, friends, sisters, mothers, peacekeepers, role models, basic bitches.  Do you feel uncomfortable with how things are written in the script? Are you just going the motions or nah?

There is no judgment stronger than the one we put on ourselves. There is no effect without cause. There is no cause without effect.

Consider each action a cross-roads. It’s an opportunity to go in so different directions.

Then maybe we can plug into the Scorpio vibe and turn it up.

This is a friendly reminder that every choice has the potential to generate a multiplicity of new paths. Each path will be punctuated with experiences that have been generated by cause-effect, cause-effect, cause-effect. It’s like riding a subway train where you might invoke autonomy and choose your tracks, but the rails will be the ones to bring you to your destination. The journey you have is care of the choices (cause-effect) that have laid down the track.

Don’t you ever wish you could just levitate above everything? I know I do.



The Scorpio new moon feels like a window of opportunity to practice floating.

Scorpio has a reputation that precedes it, right? It’s scary and intense and magnetic. Sometimes people don’t want to go there. Scorpio is the archetype associated with the deep deep, aka the subconscious, the patterns that underlie the direction of our actions. It’s a very Scorpionic statement to say, “I was mesmerized and couldn’t help myself…”

But levitation is just a different way of interacting with magnetic force. It’s the balance of repulsion and attraction that causes the float.

So what I’m suggesting here is the opportunity to bypass the normal route. Go above. Plug into the Scorpio and, effectively, re-write your route.

Let’s go back to floating.

Imagine yourself hovering above your life.

Perhaps in the space above the normal route, your perspective will shift. You will see something you didn’t know about yourself. You will tap into the pure Scorpio part of your mind and activate the POWER to alchemize-process-make conscious choices that will take you in a direction that allows for more consciousness. More awareness.

Let’s get off our crazy, disempowered train.

You can stay floating as you reflect…

REFLECTION PROMPT: Write a description, similar to a social media profile, of a person who exudes confidence in decision making. Give that person attributes, like favorite food and music, that are yours. Float with that person for a few and see how that feels.

That person could be you.

Reflection Prompt

While the moon and the sun exchange light, while one holds the other for reflection, let’s do the same. If something in these words catches your attention, sit with it. The prompt is meant to engage the iterative processes through which we create our mindscapes. This is self study (svadhyaya) in action.

We meet a Taurus full moon on October 24.

The vibe of Taurus, the archetype of the farmer, makes beautiful connection with Earth. The material world is a sensual playground. You are here to grow what feeds you. Bear witness to what makes your body feel nourished and your being in it safe.

Do you feel safe?

We’re in Libra season in a Venus retrograde. All I feel are flames: the burning systems, the patriarchy, the capitalist mentality, the encroaching mind-manipulation by the media. All of this part of the war on power and the fight that is moving toward power equality.

In the midst of it all, I don’t feel safe.

And yet, I am here. So how can I get through this experience?


The Taurus moon has got me feeling the need to root. The need to play-pretend that I call crawl back into the womb. Leave this world behind. Honor and follow the need to feel the cool insides of Mother Earth.

As the season of fall deepens, the mornings are cool. I like to go outside early in the morning before sunrise and walk through the world. Remember that there are still things like mornings before sunrises where the wind is cold and the ground is still beneath my feet.

I feel safe for the moment.

It helps if I make these small observations of the natural world around me, connect throughout the day, come back to myself while the fire in the cultural world rages.

I am reminded, too, that all of this is a practice in being. That when I feel safe, I give up the feeling of being unsafe just for a fleeting moment. I remember that all explorations of the perception of being safe/unsafe are journies to the edge of comfort zones. All of the edges and the crossing of them are like going back and forth from the womb to the world that waits outside.

The Earth supports us, even when the culture doesn’t.



REFLECTION PROMPT: What time of day makes you feel safe?  Can you write a story around that experience?

Reflection Prompt

Self care practice should include creative writing, journaling, and reflection. How can you evolve yourself if you don’t know yourself?


I encourage you to use words to plant seeds of what you want to grow in your mindscape. Write it, embrace it, see it into being. That said, this is a reminder that your mindscape is an ecosystem. Some thing will start to grow, increase in effect of another thing starting to die off, decrease. Being in conversation with yourself and a planting process during the lunar cycle can be powerful.  It is one way of self study (svadhyaya).


New moon

We meet a new moon in Libra on October 7.

The vibe of Libra, the archetype of the judge, is intense: Libra is here to hold the filter through which we shout “Other!”. We can create our experience world as pure projections and at times, not even realize it. “You’re other!” We can condemn or redeem other people by measuring them against our projections and at times, not even realize it. “You’re other!” And make that other seem like it’s a bad thing, some thing we judge and condemn.

But do you even reflect, babe?

Reflection is a redemptive process.



(A friendly reminder: EVOL language strives for equanimity across gender constructs; that means that “babes” are boys and girls and every boygirl/girlboy across the lines.)

Consider that what you see in an other might really be your deeply sourced projection. What you allow another person to be might just reflect what you allow yourself to be. If you realize this, you’re vibing up. And the way you can undo the whole convexed vision-thing is love: put on rose-colored glasses. Look at them, look at you with love. It might be just an imaginative exercise, but it’s a start. Can you even? It’s intense. I know.

Know, too, that it’s prime time to sit with the love vibe. How does that feel? 

Venus, the planet that brings us vibes of love and beauty and luxury also brings us a fucking reckoning of why we feel unloved, unbeautiful, and broke AF.

Libra is ruled by Venus, and that bish is retrograding rn. We’re going back over, down in the deep deep, and revisiting, reminding, renewing contracts, words we tell ourselves over and over again, about what we’re worth. What we’re doing versus what we feel like we should be doing. Where our sources of love, beauty, and luxury are (or aren’t).


The energies, care of the cosmic weather, are offering us a chance to un-vex our vision and engage in the world in a just manner. Take off our resting bitch faces and gussy up to glow.

If you are ready to see the world, get to work. Hold the process down. Reflect. Plant the seeds for just vision. There ain’t any OTHER; we are all humans having an angsty time.

REFLECTION PROMPT: Do you like what you see in your mirror?

October 5, 2018

PS Yes, all the feels. And Scorpio season is coming up, too. The intensity might level up. I’m expanding my virtual fire ceremony offerings. They are sacred spaces where you can let go of things that don’t serve you. Let’s talk if you are curious but need to know more.

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