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Reflection Prompt

Consider our Sun, the activator of life in our solar system. The celestial bodies are enlaced in orbit around it. Solar winds blow from the Sun’s corona or outer layer, reach the farthest areas of our solar system, and have a continual impact on the motion and formation of bodies in its orbit. It is through the Sun’s light that life is called into existence. It is through the Sun’s light that we are able to perceive, through a series of complex processes, the world around us.

Consider the light your eyes are seing has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, since its creation in the Sun’s core. Consider, too, that light arriving from the sun has traveled years to meet your eyes.

But looking at the Sun directly can also damage the eyes.

I invite you to meditate with the Sun. Connect with it as a physical body in space. Use this image to guide your reflection.

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REFLECTION PROMPT: Does the Sun speak to you?

Reflection Prompt

What is your relationship to EARTH, BODY, RESOURCES? Consider a yoga (union) with each individual word–Envision it. Imagine the letters. Hold the communication open for symbols to flow into your mind and sensations to arise in the body. How does that word feel? Reflect upon this. This is self study (svadhyaya) in action.


March holds a junction in the Earth’s cycle (the Vernal Equinox) and the final house of the astrological cycle (Pisces). The Vernal Equinox on March 20 is an event during which the amounts of day and night time on Earth is equal; our bodies can harmonize to nature and within this window, experience enhanced energetic release. We can feel in harmony with the cosmos.

The astrological vibe comes through Pisces, the archetype of the sorcerer n’ sorceress’ n’ in-between magic makers. This is the construct that gives our spirit life. We are star ghosts in human machines.

This month also holds the arrival of Uranus in Taurus (March 6). The planets of jolts, shocks, and revolutionary change enters the house that holds the quality of your experience to Earth, body, resources.

But what does that even mean altogether? Our beings know.

Electric body

Consider the story of Frankenstein. Mary Shelley’s story about the mad scientist Doctor Frankenstein, who created a daemon out of a human physical form and jolted it with electricity so it could be alive. Frankenstein did this, and in many ways, he was playing God but he was also getting played his ego and the need to be perceived as a god. The daemon was given life, but it experienced life as a being that was majorly conflicted in its mind. It never knew where it fit in (if it fit in) among other humans and it never felt the love of its creator. Its body never manifested a state of peace in the physical world. So why was it given life anyway? This is the ultra-Piscean question.

Let’s not be our own Frankensteins, OK?

Consider the potential of fitting in with your body and ego (mind). When one or the other is out of balance, it acts out of the other. When you are at one with your body and mind, your ability to be a pure channel of energy amplifies. That’s when you know the love of your creator, the divine, through direct experience. And then you know why you’re here on this Earthly plane.

We are star ghosts having human experiences.

When the material vehicle (the body, the filter to perceive, the mind) is too far out of alignment with the Earth (the cosmic body that holds us humans), we forget who we are. It happens, but this is the energetic window to do the work to bring ourself back online. We can come back to a state of harmony with the resource (the body) that gives us the privilege of being human.

The daemon in the storm

And why on Earth would God/god/Godess create us, give us life, as humans if not to enjoy all the sensations that material incarnation brings?

Taurus has a reputation for Earthy sensuality. The material form is a resource. It gives you sensation about what it’s like being on this plane of existence. Enjoy the feeling of silk on your skin? Sun on your face? Sand under your feet? That’s the body, the material resource that gives you those pleasures, and many, many, more. The ingress of Uranus to this area of your life means that lightning will strike, give life, animate the relationships that you have to the Earth, body, and resources.

Star ghosts, it’s time to move fully into body and act on your divine mission.

REFLECTION PROMPT: What are your relationships to the Earth, body, and resources?


Reflection Prompt

What is your intention this month? What’s your challenge around that intention? How is your story evolving around integrating challenges and achieving the intention? Reflect upon this. This is self study (svadhyaya) in action.


December is an ending and a beginning: the secular calendar year runs out and the sun starts to run in. The Winter Solstice is the main celestial event; this provides a journey to access the month’s energies, a window that invites us to be led out of ignorance (darkness, long nights) and brought toward awareness (the light, long days). We are moving toward the sun.

The astrological vibe comes  through Sagittarius, the archetype of the explorer, which sees things beyond the immediate. The Sag in you feels the space and time worth exploring. It is the archetype through which we can tap into quantum nature of existence. Through the Sagittarian lens, we see that reality is ours for the shaping.

But what is reality anyway? Just a bunch of information.

Data bits

The moon cycle is this: New Moon in Sagittarius on December 7/8. This is the time to reflect; plant thought seeds; see how the mind garden grows; tend to the ecosystem. Dec 22 is the Full Moon in Cancer, a time to reflect on what is appearing around you, and the Winter Solstice. A portal to transcend a previous version of yourself and activate with the light of the sun.

Remember the power of information. Consider where you where, how you were feeling, what you were thinking about around the time of the New Moon. Do the same for the Full Moon. Ask yourself if there are any themes that connect.

Let’s not forget the effect that Cancer has on our mind filters: this archetype is ruled by the moon, more comfortable in the Full Moon, exalted in emotion and nurturing exchanges. The vibe to home is strong.


Are your exploring with your emotions as your compass? Do they lead you to your idea of home? What information is there?

Consider that home is a piece of information. It’s relative to the eye of the (be)holder. Many people have different homes, and those can house ceremonies that center around the home as a landing place. It’s the place we return to once we’ve done our exploring.

Consider, too, our home as a species: Earth, third rock from the sun. The Sun has the power to activate our life. Plants respond to the sun and grow. They make the world a habitable place for our biology, comprised of strings of DNA that are activated by light–the moment of conception. We are because the sun does. It shines. Bodies respond. They go toward their destinies, navigating with gut feelings and a moral compass. And after we see the world, we go home, full of new information from traveling beyond our known universe.

There are worlds out there. Go.

REFLECTION PROMPT: What do you want from your journey of exploration into new worlds?


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